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RTFM. (via Classic Programmer Paintings)RTFM. (via Classic Programmer Paintings)



Shawn Wang coined a term for a new stack this year: STAR or Design System, TypeScript, Apollo, and React. This is incredible to me, not just because I kind of like that stack, but because it’s a way of talking about the stack powering a website that is entirely front-end technologies. Quite a shift. — Chris Coyier



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  • Chromium Blog: to keep a pulse on what’s new in latest browser tech.
  • The Console Log: podcast on all things web.
  • Hacker News: a central resource for all hackers, can be a bit overwhelming though.
  • TechCrunch: startup news.
  • State of JS: yearly survey of what’s being used in the wild.
  • State of CSS: yearly survey of what’s being used in the wild for CSS.
  • Cooperpress: Javascript Weekly, Frontend Focus, Node Weekly, React Status, and more newsletters.



(i’m admittedly not the biggest conference attendee so this list is wanting.)

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